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Why we like living at The Brambles



I love my living space. My privacy is respected. I enjoy participating in The Brambles community because I like the shared responsibility of caring for where we all live. And I love the neighbourhood.

Carol H. (member for 2 years)

Living at the Brambles has been the best move we have ever made in our lives.  We have beautiful nature walks to enjoy, lovely gardens to putter in, great neighbors to socialize with, and a strong and committed Co-op community that provides us a safe and secure lifestyle.

Sharon & Fred T. (members for 3 years)

As a long term member of the Brambles and now retired, I can pursue my passion for gardening full time.  Living on the ground floor, I have my own patio garden and as a member of the Brambles Grounds Maintenance Committee I can also work in the common area shrub & flower gardens whenever I choose.  

I am loving every season.  

A. Nelson (member for 16 years)





I can't imagine living anywhere else.

I am alone with a small dog and I don't drive. The closeness of public transit offers access to the best of the city, and Byrne Creek Park offers and excellent opportunity to enjoy nature.

I appreciate our strong sense of community and love having a say in how the place is run. It is wonderful to be able to express my appreciation for being here by happily lending a hand around our building and grounds. We're a diverse group, all working together towards maintaining safe, attractive, affordable homes in this crazy real estate market.

For me it is perfect.

Wynne L. (member for 20 years)



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