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Information about Applying to The Brambles Co-op

Due to a full waitlist, we are not accepting applications or conducting orientations at this time. Please refer back to our website in Spring 2025 for possible updates.

This is our application process:

  1. Fill out the eligibility screener
    This helps us ensure you understand your eligibility for our co-op and gives us information to contact you if you are eligible and interested in applying when The Brambles is accepting applications.


  2. Orientation
    When we have an opening on our waitlist, someone from the Membership Committee will phone you to see if our community will be a good fit for you. If we are a good match, you will be invited to attend an in-person orientation. There will be a short presentation, time for questions and a tour of common areas of the co-op. You must attend an in-person orientation to receive an application package for membership.

  3. Application
    You complete the application and mail it to the address provided. The Membership Committee will review the application and if you bring skills that fit our community, we will contact you to arrange an interview.


  4. Interview
    The interview will be conducted by three members of the Membership Committee and will be 45 minutes to an hour long. We ask candidates a standard list of questions and provide time for your inquiries at the end of the interview. All members of your family who would like to live at The Brambles need to attend the interview.


  5. Waitlist
    Once you have been interviewed, you are then added to the waitlist of our prospective members. You will be required to check in with us every six months to keep your name on the waitlist.


  6. Showing a Unit
    When a unit in our co-op becomes available that meets any requests you made during the application process and your skills are what our community needs, the Membership Committee will contact you to view the unit. You will have 24 hours to decide if the unit is the right one for you.


  7. Board Members Approval of New Members
    Our elected Board of Directors has the final responsibility of approving applicants for membership based on the recommendations of the Membership Committee and the income verification information submitted by our management company. If approved by the Board, you will be required to pay the share purchase ($2500), sign an Occupancy Agreement and complete other forms required by the co-op.

Financial Requirements

# of bedrooms        |   2024 housing charge  |  Share purchase  |  Minimum gross annual income


1 bedroom              |  $1,241.00 / month      |       $2,500         |               $49,632

2 bedroom              |  $1,521.00 / month      |       $2,500         |               $60,840


The housing charges and share purchases are reviewed annually by membership and may change without notice.

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