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About Us

The Brambles Housing Cooperative is an adult-oriented community of individuals who live cooperatively, embrace diversity, foster equality and ensure security and safety.



Our community is founded on equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, religious or non-religious beliefs, political affiliations, marital status, sexual orientation, gender or disability.


Together, we manage the physical, financial, legal and social aspects of our community by meeting regularly and making decisions by consensus.


Some people in our community are close friends, while others are friendly neighbours. Although we enjoy the mutual support and comraderie that our cooperative lifestyle offers, we also respect our neighbours' privacy and busy lives.


Quick Facts


  • The Brambles is a three-story apartment-style building

  • Well maintained building and landscaped surroundings

  • 42 units (25 one-bedroom, 17 two-bedroom)

  • 24 hour laundry facility.

  • Small garden plots for flowers or vegetables available on site

  • Pets allowed

  • Bike storage and underground secured car parking

  • Monthly housing charges, 1 bedroom: $1194.00

  • Monthly housing charges, 2 bedroom: $1463.00

  • Number of accessible units: 15

  • Share Purchase: $2500 

  • Funding Program: ILM 

  • CHF BC Member and CHF Canada Member: yes 

  • Subsidy: Not available 



Community is Participation


Each member participates in The Brambles' operations by contributing a minimum of four hours volunteer time per month, either as a member of a committee (see the list below) or the Board of Directors and/or doing assigned tasks.


The Brambles Committees



Special Events




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